All-season High-quality Elastic Sofa Cover

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Revive your old sofa with our magical fit sofa cover

  • Your sofa is old and worn out, and you're looking for a new way to give it a new look
  • You're thinking about giving it added protection 
  • Our durable sofa covers offer a smooth apperance and perfect fit that will stay in place.

Key features

  • Easy to install and replace: It is fast and effortless to put on and take off.
  • Perfect fit: High-quality stretchable fabric with foam bars and non-slip design ensures your sofa is completely covered. 
  • Extra comfort: The material is durable and super soft, offering a cozy feeling to touch.

  • Protect your furniture: Keep your sofa clean and free of stains. Perfect for homes with kids and pets.

  • Easy care: Our sofa are very durable and machine washable. Don't use iron or bleach for longer durability.

Size Measurement Guide

  • 1-seater: the length of the sofa (red line) should be 35-55 in ~ 90-140cm
  • 2-seater: the length of the sofa (red line) should be 57-72 in ~ 145-185cm
  • 3-seater: the length of the sofa (red line) should be 76-90 in ~ 195-230 cm
  • 4-seater: the length of the sofa (red line) should be 92-122 in ~ 235-300 cm
  • Cushion cover: 17x17 in ~ 45x45cm
  • For L-shaped, Corner, or Sectional sofas which combine 2-3 separate parts, you need to order 2-3pcs covers. The size of each cover will depend on the length of AA, BB, and CC lines in the illustration below.
  • For example: If AA=200 cm and BB=160 cm, then you should go for 1pc 3-seater cover and 1pc 2-seater cover.


  • Step 1. Extend the sofa cover (Position the slipcover over the sofa with the label at the back.
  • Step 2. Cover the sofa in the right direction.
  • Step 3. Let the sofa hold down the four corners.
  • Step 4. Put the small cloth strip into the gap on the sofa.
  • Step 5. Put the sofa down and pull the cover tight, pulling any excess fabric to the back.
  • Step 6. Enjoy your newly covered sofa!

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